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If you’re unsure of your device’s specs, head over to and enter your device’s serial number for a free summary of your device’s specs.


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The SellMyMacs
Best-Offer Guarantee

SellMyMacs will offer you more for your used, damaged or broken Apple device than any legitimate competitor*–period. If you receive a higher offer, let us know and we’ll match it plus add $10 on top.

We make this guarantee because SellMyMacs is a different kind of device-buying website. We recycle or repurpose nearly 100% of all components from each device we buy. Because of this, we’re able to consider the potential value of any remaining likely-functional components in your device (via specific questions on our Instant-Offer form), and factor that information into our offer.

The best part of all is that this process helps keep your used and broken devices out of landfills by re-introducing them into the used device market.

*A legitimate competitor is a business or website whose primary purpose is to purchase used and broken Apple devices. Competitor’s offer will be confirmed prior to matching and adding $10.

Helpful Valuation Tools

Use the below tools to make the device-selling procedure even quicker and easier.

  • Condition Evaluator – Not sure what condition your item is in, cosmetically? Read a detailed description of each condition level.
  • Device Specs Identifier – Locate the specs of your device using your device’s serial number.
  • Packing & Shipping Tips – Tips for packing and shipping your device, once you’ve accepted an offer!